Removal of Metalwork

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Our specialists at the Nexus Clinic are highly skilled in the removal of implants that has been inserted for the treatment of injuries and fractures. We are familiar with a wide spectrum of implants that are in use across the world.

Having a diverse specialist experience in the treatment of bony injury means that we are also skilled in the removal of metalwork that is no longer required or is causing discomfort.

Whilst having metalwork removed is usually a straightforward task, technical issues may be encountered. A clear understanding of the subtleties of each implant — and a thorough knowledge of its use — allows us to safely and quickly remove them.

Key Points — Diagnosis and Management

These points will be discussed in more detail when you meet your surgeon.

  • A lot of metalwork is asymptomatic and, if this is the case, we typically advise that the implants remain in place.
  • Sometimes there may be medical reasons for recommending the removal of metalwork i.e. it is likely to affect the function of the bone or nearby joints if it remains.
  • The majority of metalwork is removed because it can be felt under the skin, is causing ongoing pain, or there are concerns regarding the long-term functioning of nearby joints and tendons.

Key Points — Surgical Treatment

  • Most people go home on the same day.
  • You will have a general anaesthetic (you will be asleep).
  • This is a safe, reliable and effective operation for 90{45b031cbbaeb733800beb0ea37219f485e2a0afe82905ca5c17c31332adcc620} of people.
  • The most common ‘complication’ is that the symptoms thought to be due to the metalwork are not completely eradicated after removal.
  • Recovery after surgery typically only takes a few days although this can vary depending on the metalwork involved. You should discuss this with your surgeon.
  • You may require physiotherapy after your metalwork is removed to ensure the best possible functional outcome.


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