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NEXUS: An important connection between the parts of a system or a group of things

The Nexus Clinic is a group of internationally-recognized expert surgeons who manage injuries of the bones, joints and soft tissues. We treat both acute problems and the longer-term effects of injury such as pain, stiffness and joint instability.


For more than twenty years, the surgical management of injuries in Oxford has been delivered by Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons whose main focus is managing people with significant trauma injuries.

This successful model provided the blueprint for the instigation of Major Trauma Centres across the majority of the United Kingdom.

The Nexus Clinic provides access to these same expert surgeons for patients who choose to be treated in the private sector with its associated benefits.

Our principle aim is to optimise patient care and subsequent outcome. We work as a fully integrated team of surgeons and therapists, sharing expertise and experience. We put your care at the centre of everything we do.

Many injuries, if well managed, are temporary interruptions in a person’s life. Discomfort and inconvenience are relatively short lived and the aim of treatment is to restore normal function as soon as possible.

Sometimes injuries may be more complex, the treatment may be prolonged, or there may be long-term consequences of the injury such as stiffness, pain or impaired function. For these situations, the aims of treatment remain the same, but the process is even more reliant upon clinical expertise.

Surgery to manage injuries and their consequences is often technically demanding. It is best provided by the expert surgeon. This is often not the case in many UK towns and cities where the traditional model for managing injuries means that you are managed by the ‘on call’ surgeon, for whom managing injuries may represent a small proportion of their usual work.

The Nexus Clinic experts treat people who have recently sustained an injury (a sprain, fracture, or broken bone), those with complicated injuries who other surgeons feel are best managed by our expertise, or people who have longer term consequences of injury (dislocations, stiffness, pain).

The Nexus Clinic also welcomes international patient referrals. Our experts are internationally recognised, both for their clinical expertise and their academic standing. However, the focus of our work remains the care of patients who live in and around Oxfordshire, who may access our expertise in a convenient and timely manner.

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Doctor, Physiotherapist or Patient; if you would like to know more about the services we provide or wish to make a patient referral or self-referral, please contact us via the relevant link below: